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Here at Anime Absolution we offer over 7,019 files, totalling 1,798 gigabytes spanning 178 different series. Members have downloaded our files 102,027 times and counting. Along with 73,882 web streams. Our database is always expanding with addition of new releases and requests from our member base.
Our members have access to their subscribed files through direct download via HTTP protocol. And are able to remotely stream files via web-based player or directly on mobile devices. Number of connections per member is unmetered as well as bandwidth usage.


Here at Anime Absolution we are dedicated to bringing all our members and fans the best and the most in Anime multimedia from across the vast internet. We offer high quality video episodes, movies, and live action series. In addition to downloading for our member’s local viewing pleasure we also offer full high definition web-based streaming through our website. This allows our member’s to view their favorite multimedia from most devices including Android smart phones, and all iOS devices. Our streams also play wonderfully on all Microsoft® Xbox 360®’s as well as Sony®’s Playstation® 3 natively. We currently host over 100 different series and are always adding more as well as accepting requests from our members.


Here at Anime Absolution we offer a few series for free as a demo of our services available. We also offer full unlimited premium user access for only $7.95 USD a month.

In addition to serving our loyal fans, and members. We also serve other Anime communities around the internet. For a series-based fee, we will allow other community sites to bring their members the same amazing content we offer our members. We allow these communities to access our media through web-based streaming just as our site does, as well as allowing them to enable their members to download for local viewing pleasure just as members to Anime Absolution can.

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